Beginner Mission  
  Chengdu Mission  
  Quest of Fan Zhong Yan's Letter  
  BianJing Mission  
  Quest of Kou Zhun's Letter  
  QuanZhou Mission  
  Quest of Wang Wei Ye's Letter  
  YangZhou Mission  
  Xia Hou Qin Series Quest  
  XiangYang Mission  
  Gong Sun Shu Mission  
  DaLi Mission  
  Zheng Guan Zhi Series Quest  
  FengXiang Mission  
  FengDu Ghost Town Mission  
  Heaven Gate Formation Mission  
  World Mission  
  Merchant Quest content is randomly assigned. Basically the quest can be classified into 4 categories :  
  1. Message Delivery: The simplest category, which talk to the appointed NPC to complete the mission.  
  2. Monster Killing: You will be assigned to kill certain amount of monster on appointed location. The merchant guild boss can send you the location directly, however you have return yourself.  
  3. Item Collecting: You will be assigned to collect certain amount of item for NPC. The item can be purchased from Western Merchant, who has randomly appear at BianJing, ChengDu, QuanZhou, XiangYang, YangZhou or DaLil.  
  1. Money : Certain amount of gold will be given for first 40 round of quest  
  2. Reputation : Certain amount of reputation will be given. Reputation amount is doubled after 40 round.  
  5 reputations will be deducted when you cancel the mission every time.  
  Every person only can accept 100 question per day.  
  Quest Background  
  Xi Xia Country is location at west part of middle land. Although they are remaining composure, but they are coveting the territory of middle land for a long time. They are working with the Ming Cult and the officer of the imperial court to take over the defeat Song Dynasty.

Xi Xia has formed Yi Ping Hall to gather skillful warrior and they will send assassins to kill the loyal government servant of Middle land.
We can't just stand aside and see this happen.

  Quest NPC :  
  Constable (Bianjing 174,166 / Chengdu 222,217 / Quanzhou 189,186 / Yangzhou 217,197 / Xiangyang 188,187)

Requirement: Character with level 20 or above

  Quest Procedure :  
  1. For player of level 20 and above, you can find the constable in the cities to get the fugitive quest. After player take the list, go to the destination to kill the assassin with 15 minutes to complete the quest. Over time or cancellation of quest is considered as failure.  
  2. After you complete the quest, return to any constable in the cities to redeem experiences and money reward. Either complete, cancel or fail to complete the quest, you need wait for 5 minutes to take the next fugitive quest.  
  3. When player successfully killed the assassin (last hit must be the player who's accepted the mission) will have certain rate trigger incidents :
a) Assassin's Companies will appears
b) Obtain Assassinate Badge from Assassin. Besides, defeating Assassin's Companies will have certain rate obtain badge as well.
  4. The Assassinate Badge can be used to exchange random reward with Zhuo Tian Xiang (near 178, 188) at Xiangyang. These random rewards are recovery pills, Treasure Map or Signal Flare.  
  5. Right click on the Treasure Map to obtain the coordinate of the map. Proceed to the location and use the treasure map again wills the treasure randomly.  
  6. Signal Flare can be used in the battle map to summon the assassin boss. Player has to defeat the assassin boss within 60 minutes and it will drop assassin package. Assassin package dropped can be categorized into L1, L2 or L3 package which is depending on the level of the player. Player can obtain soul returning pill, mysterious item, accessories, assassin weapon, hidden sword set headgear and etc randomly from the package.  
  New School Quest  
  XBesides the random school quests that available in JX2; you can try the new school quest in the upcoming Poison version. This is a repeatable quest that can be obtained from master directly without waiting. Kindly look for your master to get more info about this quest.  
  Repeatable School Quest  
  You can look for your sect master and ask for the repeatable school quest after your character reached level 10. Repeatable school quest has been divided into 3 categories :  
  1. Simple Quest (For level 10 and above character)  
  2. Standard Quest (For level 30 and above character)  
  3. Challenging Quest (For level 60 and above character)  
  Quest Content  
  Your master will assign you to defeat certain amount of monsters. Upon completion of quest, return to your master for quest rewards. School contribution points will be given based on the level of quest and your character.  
  Quest Reward  
  Upon completion of the quest, you may receive experience, practice and school contribution points from your master. Besides, extra experiences will be given to players who complete their first school quest of the day. Experience given will be based on the school contribution points as well.  
  1. Simple Quest : Experience and School Contribution  
  2. Standard Quest : Practice and School Contribution  
  3. Challenging Quest : School Contribution  
  You can purchase school items and equipments from the NPCs w hen you reach certain amount of school contribution point.  
  Big Happening Quest  
  you might obtain Big Happening Quest when you executing repeatable school quest :  
  i. Big happening quest requires you to defeat MVP monsters  
  ii. A Quest NPC will appear after you successfully defeated the monsters  
  iii. Talk to the NPC to get Quest Item from it  
  Mystery of Bu FeiYan  
  1. Look for Escort Guard in ChengDu (227,211) to activate Forged Mission  
  2. This mission is offered once in 2 days. Only guild leader, assistant guild leader and elder can activate the mission. There are 9 levels of mission which the higher level of mission will receive more Forged Outline as reward. Meanwhile, your guild will need collect more collection item. You have to reach higher level to activate higher level of mission.  
  3. After the mission is activated, the member of guild can find Escort Guard in ChengDu to submit miscellaneous item.  
  4. There is a limit on amount of submission for every member in each round. Member of level 50 and above can submit 400 points in each round of mission. However, the amount of submission for member below level 50 will be reduced accordingly. The points is vary depend on the types of miscellaneous items.  
  5. When the guild have submitted appointed amount of point, the guild leader, assistant guild leader and elder can redeem the Forged Outline as reward from Escort Guard in ChengDu.  
  6. Right click the Forged Outline to enquire about the place where Bu Fei Yan is always hang out. You only can use Forged B. day Outline to lure to Bu FeiYan or hers assistants in the maps listed below.  
  7. Proceed to the appointed map, right click the Forged Outline again to conjure Bu Fei Yan or his assistant. You only have low rate to lure Bu FeiYan by using Forged Outline, certain cash items from Imperial Street can increase the rate to lure the Bu FeiYan.  
  8. When you have defeated the boss, a treasure chest will appear, only guild leader, assistant guild leader and elder can click on it to pick up the treasure chest.
Remark: The treasure chest on the floor can pick by guild leader, assistant guild leader or elder from other guild as well. You are advised to pick it immediately.
  9. After you have picked up, you will obtain the respective boss's chest. Right click on the chest, you will randomly obtain Immortal Dew, Meteoric Iron, equipments, weapons, accessories.  
  10. The equipment and weapon (except gold weapon) obtained from the chest will tied up on the character. The guild leader, assistant guild leader or elder whose open the chest can assign to the guild member in the same party through the dialog box.
Remark: The non-gold equipment can only assign to the member in the same party and guild.
  11. The gold weapon only have chance obtained from the Bu FeiYan's Chest.  
  Marriage System Upgrade  
  You are the husbands and wives who shares hardships, shares joys and sorrows? You are most having the tacit understanding, the heart to have cleverness husbands and wives? When is separated by two places with the beloved person, you can resist missing? When the spouse carries the severe wound, you can cure lover instantly? "Missing, Revive and Loving" couple skill will lead you to enter the brand-new marriage world!  
  Couple Skill Introduction  
  Currently there are 3 skills available to learn :  
  1. Missing : Enable couple to teleport each other.  
  2. Revive : Resurrect your partner if dead.  
  3. Loving : Enhance the abilities of partner.  
  Couple Skill Learning Procedure  
  Step1 : Activate Couple Quest  
  Look for Artful Girl at Yangzhou (198,196) to accept couple quest. You will obtain "Meteor Chart". Talk to Artful Gift to choose "Collect Couple Quest of the week", the quest will be inserted into the scroll. Each couple only can accept couple quest ONCE per week, but the meteor coordinate amount can be accumulated.  
  Step2 : Meteor Pieces Searching  
  When obtain the couple quest, party with your partner (cannot include other player in the party) and either one use the "Meteor Chart" to obtain the coordinate of meteor pieces. Male partner will obtain X-Axis coordinate while female partner will obtain Y-Axis coordinate, combine both together will obtain exact coordinate.
The partner who used the Meteor Chart has to perform an interactive skill on the coordinate to obtain the meteor pieces.

Attention :
The boss "Tan the Lecher" and his servant might appear to disturb your from searching the meteor pieces, defeat them might obtain some precious item!

  Remark: The pieces obtained are different in every map. But higher level map will have higher chance to obtain better pieces.  
  Step3 : Couple Item Fusion  
  The pieces obtained from the quest can be used to fuse various couple item, such as Concentric Pill, Centric Tablet, and the scroll to learn couple skill. The pieces can be stored into and take out from Meteor Chart anytime.  
  When you have stored the pieces, right click on the "Meteor Chart" and choose the related option can fuse item directly. There are 6 kinds of skill related item available. Skill scroll is used to learn the relative skill; whereas skill page is used to upgrade the level of the relative skill.  
  Step4 : Couple Skill Learning  
  Right click on the skill scroll, you will learn the respective couple skill.  
  Step5 : Couple Skill Using  
  Press the [ F3 ] button to open the Marriage Info menu. To use the couple skill, click and drag your couple skill icon to shortcut bar. The usage method is same as other skill.  
  Concentric Value  
  The couple skill is restricted and influenced by the concentric value. Pleas refer to the information in the game for details.

When Concentric Value is less than 500, it will always increase gradually when both couple online; but it will decrease by 4 values per day;

However, once concentric value has reached 500, it will not increase gradually. Instead, you will have to increase it by using Centric Tablet and Concentric Pill. Both items can be fused by meteor pieces obtained from couple quest.

Centric Table and Big Centric Table are used to expand the maximum Concentric Value; Concentric Pill and Big Concentric Pill are used to increase the Concentric Value.

Concentric value will be decreased by 6% per week; once concentric value exceeded 2000, it will be decreased by 12% per week.

  Diamond Ring Upgrade  
  The married couple can look for Artful Girl to attach the attribute in theirs Diamond Ring. Diamond Ring has two attributes. One is obtaining extra experience from monster killed; another one is increase all properties. Every attachment will consume Huge Dragon Jade x5 and Meteor Sand x10. Huge Dragon Jade is available in Imperial Street; whereas Meteor Sand can be obtained by defeating the "Tan the Lecher".  
  The value of attribute attached on Diamond Ring is given randomly. If you do not satisfy with current attribute value, you can bring the same materials for Artful Girl to attach attribute on Diamond Ring again.  
  Attention :
The Diamond Ring attached with attribute is tied up and cannot be traded.
  The information above is for reference purpose. The actual setting will be based on current setting in the game.  
  The Incredible School Boss Mission  
  Reveal the Advanced Sect Equipment in School Boss Mission  
  The martial world is in chaos now. Leaders of sects have decided to merge and choose a most capable and excellent school disciple from all the sects to bring peace to the martial world. The destiny hero will be awarded with the great power and mighty weapon.

The school boss will appear in the sects at 9PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with advanced sect equipments and fragment of sect ultimate scroll. To obtain these precious treasures, you have to show your abilities to them.

To participate in this mission, you must register with NPC martial Herald.

  Requirement :  
  a) Character with level 75 and above  
  b) Character who learned all advanced skills of sect  
  Registration Period :  
  0a.m. ~ 8p.m. everyday  
  Registration NPC :  
  Martial Herald at Yang Zhou City  
  Process :  
  1. 3 bosses will randomly appear at the outskirt near the sect every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9p.m.  
  2. Disciples who have registered for this mission can challenge the school boss at this time.  
  3. If you successfully defeated the school boss, the boss's pack will appear nearby your location.  
  4. Only the disciple who accepted the mission is allowed to pick it up.  
  5. You can randomly obtain experiences, sealed weapon and advanced sect equipment, fragment of sect ultimate scroll and etc from it.  
  6. If you are the great performer of this mission, you will be rewarded with boss's parcel as well!  
  7. Besides experience, you can stand a chance to obtain various types of advanced equipment from the pack or parcel of the boss, including the second set sect pants, third set sect headgear and accessory. What's more? The legendary sect ultimate scroll fragment can be obtained as well!!